The name of the corporation shall be the Baltimore Industry Liaison Group, herein referred to as the BILG.


The purpose of the BILG is to be the premier employer association concerning equal employment opportunity, affirmative action obligations and diversity for federal contractors in the greater-Baltimore metropolitan area. The BILG is committed to learning and development among companies and organizations devoted to the understanding and promotion of equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area.The Baltimore, Maryland metro area includes companies and organizations with locations in the Mid-Atlantic region. The BILG is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization

[As of May 2015, the BILG’s 501(c)(6) application is in progress] and is affiliated with the National Industry Liaison Group, herein referred to as the NILG. The BILG is a separate legal entity from the NILG.The BILG’s mission is to promote affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and diversity in the workplace. The BILG will liaison with representatives of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to enhance the implementation of both the spirit and intent of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action laws and regulations, through the following purposes and activities:• Providing a resource and communication linkage between BILG and regional industry liaison groups and between BILG and the NILG;• Providing a linkage between federal civil rights enforcement agencies and federal contractors through various communication vehicles;• Periodically meeting with representatives from these agencies to share ideas and foster a collaborative working relationship between these agencies and the federal contractor community; • Providing comments, feedback and suggestions to these agencies regarding the impact on the federal contractor community of proposed regulations and agency guidelines;• Serving as an outlet for distributing information regarding federal regulatory changes and proposals regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action; and,• Providing networking and presentation opportunities for sharing information regarding best practices of the federal contracting community.
The officers of BILG shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary,Membership Chair, Programs Chair, and Communications Chair.The duties and responsibilities of these Officers shall be established by the Board and shall include, but not be limited to, those duties as prescribed within these Bylaws, as set forth below.• Chair – The Chair shall preside at all meetings and be responsible for carrying out and reporting to the membership the goals, objectives, and accomplishments of the BILG. The Chair also serves as the BILG representative to regional and national industry liaison groups.• Vice-Chair – The Vice-Chair shall perform all duties of the Chair in his/her absence or inability to serve, and shall assist the Chair as necessary. In the event that the office of Chair becomes vacant, the Vice-Chair shall assume the office of Chair for the unexpired term.• Treasurer – The Treasurer shall receive, and pay out by draft signed by the Chair, the funds of the BILG; shall keep a record of receipts and disbursements; shall collect and keep a record of all dues, fees and other income, shall deposit the proceeds of such collections in a bank of the BILG’s choice; and shall make all records available for annual audit in the first quarter of the year by the Officers.• Recording Secretary – The Recording Secretary shall provide for the timely distribution of minutes and other materials of the BILG, and shall maintain the official records and documents of the BILG.• Membership Chair – The Membership Chair shall manage membership development plans, process membership applications, maintain and update list of members and prospective members, and serve as the point of contact to General Members and the public regarding BILG membership information.• Communications Chair – The Communications Chair shall manage all communications to General Members and the public regarding the BILG, including timely distribution of monthly meeting notices.• Programs Chair – The Programs Chair shall be responsible for developing quarterly educational programs for BILG General Members, including by identifying and coordinating appropriate topics, qualified presenters and meeting locations.Each Officer has the authority to appoint General Members to committees not designated herein.Qualifications:To be eligible for an office an individual must be actively involved in the BILG’s activities and be a current, paid General Member. Officers shall perform such services and assume such duties as from time to time may be imposed or required by the Chair, voted on by the Board, or as may be prescribed by the By-Laws.
IV. Election and Term of Officers
Beginning in 2016, Officer positions shall be elected on a staggered basis, with one-half of all Officer positions being elected each calendar year, beginning with the election of the Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair during the first election cycle. All candidates for any Officer positions will be presented to the BILG General Members no later than the last meeting of the third quarter of each calendar year. Voting on Officer candidates will occur during the third and fourth quarter of each calendar year, and Elected Officers shall be announced at the last meeting of each calendar year.The Chair and Vice-Chair will serve no more than one (1) consecutive term in their respective Officer position, with the Vice-Chair assuming the position of Chair, subject to the exceptions in the next paragraph. No General Member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in any other officer position (Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Communications Chair, Membership Chair, and Programs Chair), subject to the exceptions in the next paragraph.If no interested parties volunteer for open or available Officer position(s) then the Officers not currently up for election may vote to fill the open Officer positions as appropriate, including, but not limited to, by extending the term length of vacant Board positions or having General Members, including Officers, fill vacant Board positions without election. In the event a vacancy occurs in any office at a time other than the time of normal elections, the Chair shall appoint a qualified General Member to act in that capacity for the duration of the unexpired term. The Vice-Chair will assume the duties of the Chair, in the event a vacancy occurs, for the remainder of the unexpired term of the Chair.Officers shall take office at the beginning of the calendar year following the year in which they are elected.An Officer may resign at any time by giving appropriate written notice thereof to the Recording Secretary and/or Chair. Any Officer may be removed from office, upon an affirmative vote by a majority of the Officers, with a quorum of four (4).
Companies and/or individuals with duties and responsibilities in the area of Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Diversity working primarily in the Baltimore metropolitan area shall be eligible to be a paid General Member of the BILG. A candidate (or corporate designee) proposed for General Membership in the BILG shall complete an application form and comply with any other General Membership requirements as approved by the Board.A General Member may be terminated for good cause by a majority vote of the Officers, with a quorum of four (4). General Membership also may be terminated by personal resignation. General Membership shall be terminated for non-payment of annual dues within the time allowed in a written notice of non-payment.
Regular meetings will be held as determined by the Officers. Special meetings may be called by the Chair, or upon request from at least three (3) General Members made through the Chair.A meeting notice will be sent to all General Members prior to each meeting. The time and place for each meeting will be determined by the Officers and announced in the meeting notice.Standard parliamentary procedures will be used to conduct the meetings of the BILG. A simple majority vote of the General Members present at a BILG meeting is required to transact business.Non-members may participate in all BILG meetings, except as follows:(1) The officers of the BILG may declare a meeting or seminar to be “For General Members Only”. This would be noted in the meeting notice, which is delivered to all General Members in advance of the meeting date.(2) By a vote of the majority of General Members present and voting, non-members may be excluded from a meeting or a portion thereof.The Chair shall have the right to recognize any guest or observer who is not a General Member of the BILG for the purpose of speaking. Non-members shall not vote.
There shall be annual dues for each General Member in an amount to be determined annually by the Officers. Dues will be collected a rolling 12-month basis and new General Members shall be entitled to receive membership for a 12-month period from the date of their initial membership. Membership may be terminated by a majority vote of Officers, with a quorum of four (4), or automatically for non-payment of annual dues within the time allowed in a written notice of non-payment. The Officers may, at their discretion, suspend General Member dues by a majority vote of Officers, with a quorum of four (4).Special assessments of BILG General Members may be voted upon at a regularly scheduled BILG General Meeting, provided prior written notification of specific assessments is sent to each General Member. A majority of Officers, with a quorum of four (4), must approve a special assessment proposal before it is voted on by the General Members. Any special assessment proposed by the Board must be approved by a majority of the General Members present at the BILG General Meeting during which the proposal is voted on.
The bylaws may be amended by a majority of Officers, with a quorum of four (4). Amendments shall become effective upon ratification.
In the event of the dissolution of the BILG, the remaining monies in the Treasury, after BILG expenses have been paid, will be contributed to the NILG or any other non-profit organization decided upon by a majority of the Officers at the time of dissolution.
The fiscal year for BILG shall be from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year. All funds of BILG shall be deposited by the Treasurer in a banking or financial institution within thirty days after receipt.Transactions drawn against any BILG account must be authorized by the Officers as follows. All transactions shall bear the signature of the Treasurer and Chair (or designee). The Treasurer shall pay normal operating expenses of BILG. Normal operating expenses shall include all of the expenditures designated in the annual budget approved by the Officers. For expenditures of BILG funds greater than $250.00 for all other purposes, a majority of the Officers, with a quorum of at least four, must pre-approve the expenditure of funds before incurred, and the signature of the Treasurer and Chair shall be required. All expenditures shall be made by BILG in a manner that will facilitate accurate bookkeeping by the Treasurer. The authority of BILG to expend or encumber funds extends only to those funds resident in BILG account(s).No loans shall be made and no credit shall be extended by BILG to any Officer or General Member under any circumstances. No Officers shall receive monetary compensation for their services as Officers.Expenses incurred by Officers on behalf of BILG shall not be paid, unless approved in advance by a majority of the Officers, with a quorum of at least four. No signatory to the checking account may sign a check reimbursing himself or herself for expenses incurred. All such expenses must be reviewed, approved and the check issued by a nonparty to the expense.
These Bylaws, as adopted by the membership, shall be the authority or law of BILG. Wherever these Bylaws do not specifically make provision for a particular point or situation in question, the governing authority shall be Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised Edition.Ratified by a majority of the Officers of BILG on May 21, 2015.BILG Ratified Bylaws 5-21-2015